At Suprama, our quality assurance takes place in the beginning until the end of the production process. Inspection is performed when raw materials are received prior to entering production and also carried out when products are going through the production process. Qualified quality control staff conduct random physical and chemical tests to monitor water and oil contents. Metal detector machines are further used to eliminate the risk of metal contamination in the production line.

Finished goods are also randomly subjected to the same thorough analysis and microbiological tests to meet the industry standard. Microbiological tests are completed on products and seasonings, ensuring that impurities in all raw materials are kept to a minimum and that there are no toxic contents.

Preceding each new product launch, product samples are dispatched to an accredited international certification services company to assist in food safety tests and standards for quality control.

Products are subsequently sent to the National Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) to be certified and registered before they are marketed. As an assurance of quality, our product lines are supported by skilled workers trained to comply with our ISO 22000 certification and to meet HACCP standards. Our products are also HALAL certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Indonesia (MUI).