From a humble beginning, we have grown into a leading noodle manufacturer in Indonesia. Our milestones mark our achievements in serving the best to our customers.

  1. PT Sampindo

    A small family-run manufacturer of quality noodles called PT Sampindo established in Sidoarjo, East Java.
  2. Relocation

    Company relocation and began its production of different varieties of instant noodles and snack products.
  3. PT Suprama

    Returned as a full-fledged family operations focus more on their core business. By now the company is known as PT Surya Pratista Hutama or PT Suprama.  
  4. Mi Burung Dara

    Original variant of Mi Burung Dara renteng launched into market.
  5. MBD Pipih

    Pipih (flat) variant of Mi Burung Dara renteng launched into market. Both Mi Burung Dara Original and Pipih continue to be leading dry noodles product in Indonesia.
  6. Mi Urai

    Our premium egg noodles product, Mi Urai, launched with two available variants, Original and Pipih.
  7. Demak Factory

    New factory in Demak, Jawa Tengah established and began to operate, enabling increased production capacity in the future.
  8. Goes International

    Mi Urai enters international market, with Kuala Lumpur as its first distribution destination.